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Metropolitan Collinare - Naples

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Garitte Metronapoli

Thanks to the construction and upgrading of the various Metro lines Naples, the Municipality has promoted the project “Stations of Art” (Project of the 100 stations), which consists in entrusting the design of the stations to famous artists and contemporary architects. Subsequently, the Campania region issued a resolution on the guidelines for the design and construction of the regional railway network stations.
The aim pursued by the administrations is to build up stations that are both functional and at the same time beautiful and comfortable aggregation centres. At the same time, the goal is to improve from an urban point of view the surrounding areas.
Additionally, “the Stations of Art” are distributed along lines 1 and 6 and contain more than 180 contemporary art works specifically designed for metro stations and produced by internationally renowned artists or by young local architects, and they have been rewarded as the most beautiful stations in Europe. Numerous archaeological finds were found during underground excavations. Many of them, have been attributed to prehistoric times, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Medieval and Aragonese, they offer an excellent proof of ancient Naples and are today exhibited at Neapolis Station, a small museum environment that is part of the largest complex of the Neapolitan National Archaeological Museum.
The five stations where most of the finds have been exhibited, all of them located in the lower section of line 1, are the following ones: Salvator Rosa, Toledo, Municipio, Università and Duomo.