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The Neapolitan Liberty is an architectural declination of the floral stream developed in Naples during the first two decades of the 20th century, mainly in Vomero, Posillipo and Chiaia districts.
The Neapolitan Liberty was born as a decadence of the Eclecticism; In fact, many of the Liberty buildings reflect trends related to eclectic and monumental architecture of the second half of the 19th century, such as some buildings of the Amedeo District. Among them, Palazzo Mannajuolo of Giulio Ulisse Arata presents neo-Baroque setting and decoration. On the other hand, the liberty created by the engineer Angelo Trevisan and Gioacchino Luigi Mellucci assumes neo-Romanesque characters with marble column double-arched window in the walls. Francesco De Simone designs the architectures that take on the feature of urban castles, while Emmanuele Rocco's more modest eclectic liberty is expressed in a Residential Building.
On the hill of Vomero, instead, the main designer is Adolfo Avena, who distinguished himself for a very rural liberty but with strong monumental influences of the consolidated city. Avena will primarily design villas that will reflect the bourgeois aspect of the Vomero hill; while many Liberty villas designed by engineers and architects including Stanislao Sorrentino, Michele Platania, Leonardo Paterna Bellizzi and Michele Capo are of lesser architectural value. The most significant architect of Vomero, after Avena, is Sorrentino who designed between 1915 and 1918 Palazzina Russo Ermolli in Via Palizzi. The building of Sorrentino has a remarkable external decoration that gives the building a sense of grandeur and elegance in the surrounding area. The decoration is in a flat bossage with a stucco strip with geometric decoration that works like stringcourse, and on the terrace, a pseudo cornice stretches out to the view with a bull on which stone supports have the decorative and functional purpose because they are the anchorage points of the balustrade made in the same material.
The Neapolitan Liberty disappeared with the advent of Marcus Piacentini's proto-rationalism and monumental neoclassicism.

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